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14 February 2020

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in News



It was kind of predictable that Lufthansa would not be amused when LOT‘s parent holding company PGL agreed to purchase Condor, a long-standing partner of Lufthansa. Already LOT’s own development – like the one of Turkish Airlines – was never viewed very positively in Frankfurt since it was considered that they took away markets from Lufthansa. [@Lufthansa, that is called competition!]. But purchasing outright a large German carrier like Condor will obviously take the relationship between the two Star partners to new strains. Lufthansa has already announced that they would consider terminating the partnership agreement with Condor in its Miles & More program – but no word yet about what is to happen to LOT itself, which uses the Miles & More program on a co-branded basis. But ultimately, it is probably an arrangement, which doesn’t make any sense for either side and it might only be a question which side understands that first and decides to exit from it.