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15 February 2018

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives


Etihad changed its award pricing for Etihad Guest members on January 15, without giving any hint about the changes upfront. Obviously, people feared the worst, remembering for instance the hike in award prices on Alitalia or Brussels Airlines, which were implemented without any advance warning. But then, Etihad Guest surprised: Changes are mostly reasonable and there is indeed a fair balance between increases and decreases. A general tendency is that increases occurred rather in Economy Class and decreases in Business and First Class – although these award levels remain ways above many other FFPs. But at least Etihad seems to wake up slowly to reality and after another 3 or 4 rounds of such changes, the program might become relevant again. If Etihad will not have been, according to industry rumours, folded into Emirates by then… In the meantime, watch nevertheless out since many inconsistencies in the award pricing remain, meaning that it can actually be much cheaper for Etihad Guest members, as example, to fly on parallel routings on Jet Airways or Malaysia Airlines rather than on Etihad itself. For instance, travelling in Business Class from London to Sydney and back costs now 325,000 miles on Etihad – but only 145,000 miles on Malaysia Airlines.