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15 January 2018

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives


Although Alitalia had, as reported, several years to prepare the new version of MilleMiglia, the airline surprised with the announcement that the former version would be maintained (with the small detail that all old miles will expire on March 31 – even with an activity of four Alitalia-flights, base members can save only 50% of their miles and not 100% as initially announced!). The program changes will then occur on April 01 though: The cumulation of miles will not be changed – as announced by Alitalia – to a turnover basis, but flat mileage amounts per route will be introduced in function of the booking class and fare type – on European flights 47 (!). This makes it obviously easy to hide the real changes: A flight in Premium Economy from Rome to New York accrues today 8,560 miles, as of April 01 still 3,000 or 5,000. 20,793 miles are earned today with a Business Class flight to Buenos Aires, as of April still between 8,000 and 20,000. As “compensation” for these reduced mileage credits, award levels are massively increased: A roundtrip Business Class award flight to North America will then no longer cost 80,000, but 140,000 miles, to South America 200,000 instead of 120,000 miles. So, if you earn a free Business Class flight to New York today with 10 paid roundtrip flights in Premium Economy, it will take you up to 47 as of April. But at least does Alitalia – respectively Etihad, which owns the program and is hence responsible for this disaster – seems to be realistic: All changes are only valid for the period from April 01 to June 30. That there is no need to worry about the time afterwards should hence be clear…