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15 May 2019

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives


While Jet Airways has now suspended all flights and chances that it will resume them dwindle with each day, the JetPrivilege program will continue to operate for now. As mentioned last month, miles can now also be used for flight bookings with many airlines as a mean of payment – and the very low initial value per mile has quickly been increased to make the proposition somewhat more attractive. But in absence of any perspective for better times, the question about the value you can get out of each mile might not be the right question to ask anymore anyway. Miles can also still be redeemed with the regular full airline partners according to the old conditions. By the way, JetPrivilege has, interestingly enough, not lost a single airline partner since Jet Airways’ grounding. However, if you are an elite member, tier benefits on partner airlines are not granted anymore.