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15 November 2017

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in News


The revenue-based switch of Flying Blue has now been formally confirmed and will take effect on April 01. At the same time, a parallel currency called XP (Experience Points – or why-should-certain-marketing-agencies-be-forbidden) will be introduced to determine the status level based on a status point system. Business Class travel will thereby be rewarded more, but overall, there should be no major shift for most customers. However, the validity of elite membership will be cut back to 12 months – rather than running through the remainder of the year in which you qualify plus 14 months. Another not so reassuring announcement is that changes will occur on the redemption side as of June with the introduction of a more sophisticated O&D pricing. Which members might do better or worse after all the changes remains to be seen – but it seems that Air France KLM got inspired by its partner Delta to complicate things in such a manner that it becomes more difficult for average persons to understand that in first place…