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16 July 2018

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives


As with many other airlines, Air Canada has introduced branded fares and mileage accrual now takes place according to the fare type. Air Canada is actually not the first airline to roll out that logic in its “own” program Aeroplan and subsequently also across its partners’ programs: As a matter of fact, that practice was first invented by Air Berlin – let’s hope it is not a bad sign for the carrier! The particularity with Air Canada is that each booking class can be used for each fare type and hence accrue a different amount of miles. So knowing the booking class (which can often be difficult enough on its own!) is not sufficient anymore to know the number of miles you will earn. Or as Singapore Airlines puts it when informing its own members about that change at Air Canada: If you don’t book on, you may not know which fare option you have chosen. The only piece of advice it has for its members: to check their account statement after the flight to understand how many miles they have earned…