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16 March 2020

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives

The current situation certainly deserves a look at what all this really means for frequent flyers, beyond the media headlines creating a hype around something not really worth mentioning at all. There are two very concrete positive fallouts from this: First, many airlines have officially changed the requalification rules for elite members, by extending the validity period or lowering the renewal criteria. If your program hasn’t done so and you are short of requalifying, it is certainly worth approaching them as well and ask them for an exception in view of the current situation – with a fair chance that such request will be granted. Secondly, as planes are empty, award space is widely available. There has never been a better time to redeem all your miles since you should fairly easily get what you want, including “impossible” things such as multiple award tickets in First Class etc. Even secondary airlines such as Finnair have announced that they would make 500,000 additional award seats available over the coming few months. Rather than keeping flights empty, airlines definitely prefer letting you redeem miles for these seats. And if your next trip takes you, for instance, to the US or France, just be careful that you don’t get shot or killed in a road accident respectively since the likelihood to die of such things is, for most of us,  ways higher than getting killed by some virus. Oh yes, and a kind request to all airline CEOs: Please stop sending us e-mails informing us that you clean your planes. You didn’t clean them before?? #dontstopflying