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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in News

Against the earlier predictions, only a sharp minority of airlines (23%) has so far opted to move to a revenue basis for their Frequent Flyer Programs – for different, but many good considerations. As of recently, there were hardly any such moves anymore either (with the notable exception of late comer Air Canada), meaning that that movement has somewhat stalled. One of the last airlines, where such a shift was to be expected, is Spirit Airlines, which has now announced a revamp of its Free Spirit program, under which it will transform to a full revenue basis both on the accrual and redemption side on January 21 – making redemption prices hence less predictable. Another big change in the program – and clearly a net improvement – will be the ability to pool miles between up to eight members, whereby only elite members or holders of a co-branded credit card can initiate such pooling.