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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives


Canadian low cost carrier WestJet is certainly one of the more interesting airlines to watch these days. Suffering on one side more than many others from the Max-grounding (forcing it to cancel certain routes such as Halifax-Paris), introducing its Dreamliners – with a fantastic Business Class product – on the other side, which enable it to expand quickly in the long-haul market. A current promotion is hence also related to the latter point: If you book a Business Class roundtrip from Calgary to their new nonstop destinations in Europe (London, Paris, Dublin) – or vv – by June 30 for travel from July 06 to September 05, you are awarded immediately Gold status in its WestJet Rewards program until February 2020. Sounds good since it is at the Gold level where the program really starts to become interesting (basic earning rate of 5% of the money amount spent, 75% tier bonus on partner airlines and valuable service benefits), but the normal qualification rules for Gold status require that you spend 5,000 CAD per year: Buying a single Business Class fare will get you at least very close to that level anyway, so this promotion might be a bit meaningless… The more interesting question arising from that is hence maybe rather how WestJet will evolve the program in order to cater at the same time for the short-haul low cost customer and the long-haul passengers, spending obviously much more per transaction without necessarily being more profitable… WestJet Rewards is probably one of the few programs having consistently improved over the last few years. Let’s hope that this trend will not be reversed.