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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives


Oman Air will change the accrual logic for its own flights in its Sindbad program on August 01. The airline refrains thereby as well from moving to a revenue basis, but based the new system thereby on the brand groups of its fares. As a matter of fact, the differences compared to the current booking class system should be minimal, unless you use the cheapest Super Saver fares in Economy Class, where you’ll earn only 10% of miles flown going forward. While there is a certain logic to use branded fares, this only makes sense for customers booking over the Oman Air website since it is only there that these fare brands really become transparent. For any client using a different channel – what certainly doesn’t happen on an exceptional basis for a niche carrier such as Oman Air – it will be more or less a surprise how many miles are earned until one sees its account statement after the flight.