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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in News

Back in 2017, Air Canada announced the launch of its own loyalty program for June 2020 and promised to provide detailed information well in advance. This information was due long before any pandemic, but now we are a few weeks ahead of the launch date and nobody has the slightest clue what will be happening. Let’s hope that they are busy working on the redesign of the program since a far more competitive program will now be required than what anyone could have imagined until recently. In the meantime, Air Canada launched an interesting promotion called “Travel at Home”, which allows achieving elite status or moving up with any non-air activities until May 31, including the transfer of credit card points. Nice initiative, but why should somebody take the gamble and shift 50,000 miles into the Aeroplan program without having any idea what they will still be worth under the new program? It is fair to assume that the elite program, which has always been managed by Air Canada, won’t be subject to dramatic changes – although any member outside of Canada would certainly hope to be able to qualify for elite statuses without the current requirement for a high share of activity on Air Canada itself, but nothing is clear for the reward side once which will be assumed by Air Canada as well. A pity and missed opportunity for this nice carrier since nobody needs such additional uncertainity around loyalty programs in these times.