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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives

Similar to some US and other airlines, Miles & More has introduced the possibility to purchase packages that allows earning additional miles on flights, within certain limits. These “Multiply Miles” offers represent though at around 2 EUR cents per mile only a slightly improved price compared to the regular purchase price of miles, what is far above the value most customers would get out of any award, especially given the high award prices at Miles & More. Hence this is an option that should to be used in very specific cases only (but makes more sense than the straight purchase of miles if you know that you’ll be flying anyway). The communication is not entirely clear, but the additional miles are apparently only earned on Lufthansa flights and not on other Miles & More airlines. The timing for introducing this feature might not be the smartest either as members would certainly have welcomed other means of being engaged other than through flying these days – and with a far superior value proposition. But if you are really in the business of buying Star Alliance miles, it might be a better idea to turn to Avianca’s LifeMiles program, where you can still buy miles with a bonus of up to 200% until September 25. This takes the price per mile to as low as 1.1 US cents.