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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in News

Just days after British Airways lost supermarket chain Tesco in its Executive Club, a new two-way conversion partnership with the coalition program Nectar was started. Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is the main partner in the program, but Nectar obviously provides customers added value, making this a real enhancement for the Executive Club. While Nectar points have a direct cash value for redemptions, you can actually achieve a much higher value when converting Nectar points into Executive Club miles and redeem under the Executive Club rules. Additionally, Nectar points provides a far cheaper option when purchasing Executive Club miles than any other option, at a “price” of 0.8 UK pence per mile. However, redeeming Executive Club miles at a lower value than 0.8 UK pence per mile – as it is, for instance, the case with the cash & miles offers – becomes a strict no-go for members in the UK since they can now transform miles to cash of that value by converting them simply into Nectar points.