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April 15, 2020

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives

The reassuring information first: Airlines would usually not turn their focus to China to get inspired by best practices for their FFPs. And it can only be hoped for that it will be like that this time as well. The general hope for frequent flyers is that the initial months after the Covid crisis, when business will be picking up again, will be highly rewarding for them as airlines will use their loyalty programs massively to lure business towards them. However, with China as first major country having moved to that post-Covid status, nothing like that can be observed at all – it seems to be business as usual. But let’s hope – and there are fair reasons to do so! – that the cultural differences will prevail since China is indeed a market, where aggressive mileage promotions from loyalty programs are not very common place. For instance, the last mileage-based promotion at China Southern’s SkyPearlClub dates back to spring 2019…