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The concept of Frequent Flyer Programs continues its global triumph and now also lands for the first time at Iraqi Airways. Whether the program will really become relevant for the frequent traveller community might be questionable, but it can be assumed that it will soon at least change its name: While Delta, alongside with American and United, is still focused on fighting the three big Gulf carriers at a political level, it should rather have looked at the real threat, the much smaller Iraqi Airways: The latter has elected to call its FFP SkyMiles, basically not caring that Delta registered that name as trademark a long time ago. As the US helped to put the new law system in place in Iraq, this might not last for too long though – provided Delta becomes aware of it at all in first place.

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I’ve been passionate about aviation ever since I can remember and about FFPs ever since I started to think – yes, I am not one of these young bloggers, who were even not yet among us on 01 May 1981, when an idea of American Airlines was

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Apparently on a trial basis for the time being, British Airways is currently offering award flights in its Executive Club within Europe both in Economy and Business Class with an additional tax payment of 1 EUR/GBP per sector only – but against the redemption of a higher mileage amount. Compared to the base offer with a payment of 21/31 EUR per sector in Economy/Business Class, an additional 3,500/5,000 miles is required to bring this payment down. This translates into a poor redemption value of less than 0.6 EUR cents per mile – making this offer a non-starter, unless you are really a mileage billionaire without any cash left in your pocket. The real issue of the program remains though the horrendous surcharges it applies on redemption flights on long-haul flights, such as 430 Euro for a one-way flight in Business Class from London to Tokyo.

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Car sharing platform Turo – a concept similar to what Airbnb does for accommodation – has now entered its first FFP partnership with Southwest Airlines’ Rapid Rewards program. Members earn 2,000 points for their first rental of minimum 50 USD as well as 500 points for any subsequent rental. Renting out its car for the first time earns 10,000 points. The partnership is currently positioned as promotion running until October 15 only and points earning are capped at 30,000 points during that period. Let’s hope the promotion will be successful for both sides and become a permanent program feature, encouraging Turo to team up also with more FFPs, much like Airbnb did. By the way, Airbnb recently started another FFP partnership with a mainline program in the form of British Airways’ Executive Club, where the highest earn rate of all its partnerships applies (3 miles per EUR/GBP).

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It doesn’t happen very often that an airline halts its FFP as a strategic decision. But that is exactly what HK Express announced on the very day when its take-over by Cathay Pacific cleared the last administrative hurdle. Once started with big ambitions, reward-U will end on August 20. Members can still redeem their points until the end of the year under the current conditions or convert them at a ratio of 8-to-1 into miles of Cathay’s Asia Miles program in the fourth quarter. In the latter, HK Express is now also already a redemption partner, but it seems unlikely that the partnership will be extended to the accrual side.

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While Milan’s Linate airport – the one closest to the city centre – is closed for renovation work until October 27, Alitalia ensures that we don’t really miss it: Not only has it relocated many of its flights to the two other airports in the region, to Milan’s main airport Malpensa and to Bergamo, but MilleMiglia members also earn double miles on all flights to/from these airports on the short- and medium-haul network during the closure of Linate or enjoy award flights at a 20% discount. Also flights to Rome are subject to the higher accrual table, which usually applies to flights from Linate. Moreover, various non-air partners offer additional benefits, most notably car rental company Maggiore, offering 3,000 bonus miles for any rental of at least two days at the two airports, plus a complimentary refill of the tank. But if you have expected, that train company Trenitalia would use this opportunity to aggressively convince travellers that they are the most convenient travel option between the two biggest Italian cities, you are wrong. Not a single word about it since they are the leading force in the latest take-over plans of Alitalia in the never-ending saga of the Alitalia rescue. So, if they ran a simple double points promotion in their CartaFRECCIA program, there would probably nothing be left to be rescued…

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EY-Boo has in the meantime almost 40 FFP partnerships – and it is definitely worth comparing them since very different accrual rates apply across them. The latest addition, Etihad Guest, applies thereby one of the most rewarding ones, between 3 and 6 miles – depending on the property – per USD spent. Many other partners apply rather 1 or 2 miles per EUR/USD. However, you should not be in a hurry to use these newly earned Etihad miles: According to their website, they are credited only 75 days after check-out. Probably the accrual information is transmitted by falcons.