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A bit more than one year ago, KLM surprised the industry by becoming the first full service carrier in Europe to introduce a baggage fee on most European flights in Economy Class. But since it softened this change in parallel by the condition that all Flying Blue members are exempted from that fee, this was rather interpreted as attempt to lure more customers into the program. After this objective has now apparently been achieved, this benefit will be scrapped on October 01. As of then, also all base members need to pay as of the first checked luggage (but get a discount of 50%). Many of these new members are hence deprived again of their main motivation to participate in the program after a very short time without being offered anything adequate in its place for such infrequent travellers - a pretty questionable strategy of the airline, which can hardly be found like that in any textbook about customer loyalty...

Read more July 15, 2014

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