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The programs of American Airlines and US Airways will be merged under the name AAdvantage in the second quarter 2015. As expected, award and status miles of both programs will, of course, be combined on that occasion. The new program will correspond largely to the current AAdvantage version and hence have, for instance, three elite levels (Dividend Miles has currently four of them) and apply the current award table of AAdvantage. Only the higher Business Class bonus of 50% for flights on American Airlines and US Airways will be inherited from Dividend Miles. In particular, this means that American Airlines will not follow the examples of Delta and United - at least for the time being - in order to change its program to a turnover basis. Like that, 2015 will enter into history as the year where the largest US programs are not all virtually identical and hence interchangeable between themselves anymore. As the new turnover-based programs will advantage higher yield customers, it remains to be seen though how long American Airlines will really stick to the current system.

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