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Program operators service

Are you an operator of a loyalty program? Learn how we can assist you to improve the effect of your program!

"Most airlines and that includes established airlines seem to have people who know little or nothing about the whole FFP. Each of them are experts in their small area and cannot understand the concept of a FFP beyond that area. There is vast potential in providing assistance to airlines."

This self-critical statement comes from an experienced program manager of a large airline. As independent specialists, we consider it our mission to remedy this situation.

Based on the analysis of all more than 200 Frequent Flyer Programs on the globe, we assist the operators of the programs with the design and development of their schemes on a management level.

Leading loyalty programs have proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools in the whole consumer industry. Our support ensures that your aims related to your program are met in this dynamic and competitive environment. These aims can be highly individual by setting up a corresponding program structure, but some common aims usually are:

However, these aims can only be reached if your program is a competitive one. But do you really know the best solutions in the market? Do you have a complete overview about all more than 200 programs? Do you know exactly how your program rates against other programs? And how should you position your program at all, also against your partners?

We are here to help you with these and other questions.

Thanks to our particular background in airline marketing, we are able to understand the programs as one part of the whole marketing portfolio.

Our projects with program operators can be divided into three main sections:

In order to focus on these strategically more important management issues and in order not to pursue any hidden up-selling strategy, we don’t offer any IT or fulfilment solutions ourselves. However, we may help you to source the corresponding specialised suppliers. You will also find a link to all relevant IT suppliers by clicking here.

The most important added value for our customers consists of the combination of our deep global experience with the programs, the input from the market side and our ability to approach the topic from an operator’s point of view thanks to our corresponding background in airline marketing. A combination that can hardly be found anywhere else in the market in a comparable way. That's why our customer portfolio also covers the whole range from Top 10 to regional airlines worldwide. A proof that we are really able to adapt our services to the individual requirements of our customers!

In one word, you should rely on us if you want your Frequent Flyer Program

Click here for an overview about our most frequently recurring project topics (although we are not limited to them!), incl. the typical time requirements: As you can see, we work highly efficiently and hence often at a fraction of the costs of competitors only - albeit at higher quality as witnessed in an impressive manner by the loyalty of our own customers. The currency of our loyalty program is quality!

Next to traditional project work, you can also benefit from our experience at our yearly Loyalty Conference, through the different forms of our training courses or through a nomination of our Managing Director to your advisory board.

Please get in touch with us for any further information and to let us discuss solutions to your particular needs.


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