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15 July 2022

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives

While the worst of Covid-related restrictions seems to be behind us – even Australia has just scrapped the last remaining restrictions for unvaccinated persons -, times for frequent flyers did not really get better in many parts of the world. Not only have service standards still not recovered to a full normal, but many airlines and airports are also faced with staff shortages, leading to chaotic situations, notably in Europe. Basically the last thing airlines want these days are additional passengers – making it particularly difficult for frequent flyers to redeem all their saved miles. Take KLM, having suspended the sale of any tickets for a few days, Lufthansa limiting the ticket sales to full fare tickets, SAS going on strike or London-Heathrow asking airlines to stop any tickets until September: Generating additional demand by granting award flights is not something the industry is currently looking for. But even if you are lucky and might have planned your trip in advance, expect anything from last minute cancellations or massive delays to long waiting lines to get, for instance, into Delta’s lounges.