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15 November 2021

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in News

As of 2022, American Airlines will simplify the qualification rules for its AAdvantage elite program. Instead of three parallel metrics, there will only be one metric taken into account: Loyalty Points. Each mile earned on American Airlines and on oneworld partners (incl. tier bonuses) equals one point, as do all miles earned on co-branded credit cards (excl. sign-up bonuses) and with dining and shopping activities. No minimum activity on American Airlines is required anymore. As a result, the annual thresholds to attain the different statuses will be (significantly) increasead, for instance from 75,000/100,000 miles for the two highest levels to 125,000/200,000 miles. In summary, this means that requalification for existing elite members will become easier than now (as the tier bonus earned on airlines is taken into account), but that the initial qualification becomes much more difficult – or probably out out of reach for the higher levels – if you don’t use a co-branded credit card. And that is where the problem starts for international members, which were, once again, completely forgotten in this consideration: In most international markets American Airlines serves, AAdvantage doesn’t offer any co-branded credit card. The ideas of “America First” have been well implemented in the minds of Americans, it seems…