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16 August 2021

Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives

While it is safe to assume that the new state-owned Italian carrier ITA, which will become operational on October 15, will basically be a resurrection of Alitalia, but debt-free, there will be one major difference: The company won’t be allowed to continue Alitalia’s MilleMiglia program. This means on one hand that the new airline is likely to start without any loyalty program as it will technically be impossible to introduce a program from scratch in so little time. As ITA is expected to remain in SkyTeam, you should though still be able to earn miles through any SkyTeam programs. But even more importantly, all MilleMiglia miles will simply become worthless on October 15. There is no other way than trying to redeem them immediately – preferably on partner airlines – and hoping that the old Alitalia doesn’t care about its debts anymore and will let you redeem them without any restrictions. However, even redeeming on a partner airline might not be a full guarantee if you travel beyond October 15 since you will be holding a ticket of an airline, that won’t exist anymore.