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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives

The only way to earn loyalty points with US carrier Allegiant Air was until now to use their co-branded credit card. This certainly required an engagement towards the carrier not everybody was ready to show. All has now changed since Allways Rewards has been launched, allowing members to earn 1% of their expenses in form of credit in the program. This is certainly less generous than other programs, but the program will actually become more lucrative later in the year when Allways Rewards members will also receive a direct discount of 5% on all air fares. The 1% credit also doubles when hitting the 500 USD threshold, which is not impossible since points are credited to the buyer, not to the traveller. Hence, if you book for your whole family or group of friends, you will get all the points. The program also offers additional earn and burn possibilities, notably in the entertainment and sports areas, which are otherwise not strongly represented with Frequent Flyer Programs. And for those wishing to engage more with the carrier as a result, the co-branded card obviously still exists as well.