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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives

There are not many places left where Belavia customers can fly to. In absence of any domestic network, it is basically to Russia – and to Russia. As such, the airline has launched a new flight to Russian enclave Kaliningrad, which is actually closer to Minsk than Moscow to Minsk. Nevertheless, Belavia places Kaliningrad in its Belavia Leader program in the accrual/redemption zone of Kazan, which is ways to the East beyond Moscow. Why? Because rather than 45 minutes, the flight now takes over 2 hours as it needs to fly around the Baltic countries and Poland, which airspaces are closed to Belavia, and what hence justifies applying the same values as for true 2-hour flights. Great attitude to face the truth to the benefit of their frequent flyers. If Belarus doesn’t manage to do this for elections, they do it at least for frequent flyers. In countries like Finland, it is the exact opposite.