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Written by Ravindra Bhagwanani on . Posted in Archives

It took airline alliances more than two months to take a simple step: to suspend membership of Russian airlines. And it was actually oneworld with its regime-critic, private S7 Airlines (without whose brave pilots persons like Nawalny would not be alive anymore) to take the lead, forcing SkyTeam to do the same a few days later with state-owned Aeroflot. But all remains half-hearted: While it is certainly the right thing in such situations only to “suspend” memberships (indicating that a change of government would re-open doors), it is actually left to individual airlines to decide what they do with their FFP agreements. As such, most FFP partnerships remain fully in place, except for the handful of (EU and US) airlines having taking corresponding individual initiatives. But even first mover Delta, which excluded Aeroflot from its SkyMiles program quickly on February 28, honoured the contractual 3-month notice, meaning that today, Delta members can actually still earn miles on Aeroflot flights – and continue to finance the war on Ukraine like that.