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Everybody was expecting the major earthquake at the US West Coast – but then it happened in Eastern Canada. Air Canada announced that it would leave the Aeroplan program (which used to be its FFP, but is now completely separated from Air Canada) and launch (again) an own program instead. All this will only happen once the current contract with Aimia, the operator of the Aeroplan program, expires on June 29, 2020 and as such, no details are known yet except for the fact that Aeroplan members will continue to be able to redeem their points on Air Canada flights afterwards (but not on Star partners since the new Air Canada program will then become the Star program). This is likely to put an end to the misunderstood conception of spinning off Frequent Flyer Programs in the industry – alternative facts mainly pushed by Aimia to justify its existence…

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The days of Alitalia are counted – also the last optimist should have understood that by now. Although its Frequent Flyer Program MilleMiglia is run by an own company in which Etihad is the majority shareholder, it will hardly be able to survive without Alitalia. And whether Etihad will assume another financial burden by honouring the miles in the Etihad Guest program after the billions of losses occurred with Alitalia is highly questionable since Etihad itself has gone into financial trouble with all its failed investments. The last action any MilleMiglia member has hence still on his list is to redeem all his miles immediately – but certainly not on Alitalia flights, but ideally for Etihad flights since chances are here nevertheless the best that tickets will still be honoured in case Alitalia won’t exist anymore by then. And in case you’ll have the laudable idea to donate your remaining miles: Good luck as the corresponding opportunity has disappeared from the website in mysterious manner…

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Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and this seems to empower WestJet: Not only has the airline announced an order of up to 20 Dreamliners, what will open up completely new markets for it. It has also introduced Member Exclusive fares for WestJet Rewards members for using awards, which are cheaper than the lowest Economy fares, but which need to be paid entirely in WestJet Dollars. These fares are also available on undisclosed partner airlines to seven popular destinations in Europe and Asia Pacific. Moreover, the program offers a promotion until December 31 crediting 10 to 40 bonus points for travels to different Canadian provinces and territories – as well as an extra bonus of 730 points upon reaching ten provinces/territories for a total bonus of 1,000 points (what corresponds to a credit of 1,000 Canadian Dollars).

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There are a handful of Frequent Flyer Programs reminding us that car rentals do not necessarily need to be unprofitable for miles collectores. Iberia Plus is certainly one of them, not at least thanks to its close partnership with Avis. As such, one participates automatically in a prize draw of 100 times 25,000 miles with online bookings until May 31 for rentals until June 30 – on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Iberia Plus. And this offer can be combined with another one, valid until June 30, in marvellous manner: 9,000 miles are at stake for weekend rentals of at least three days of a category C car or above in Western Europe. Nine thousand. And in case you still make use of this offer during May in Spain, use also the new partner Cepsa to fill up, where you earn four miles per litre thanks to a double miles promotion.

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The industry talks a lot about the big hotel mergers, but it should not be forgotten how fragmented the market remains, especially outside of the US. And as such, there are also new players appearing on the loyalty stage although it certainly becomes more difficult for smaller companies to be successful with a loyalty offering, next to the powerful booking platforms, some of them like Kaligo or Rocketmiles also specifically targeting travellers interested in miles. That’s why the initiative of German hotel group H-Hotels – which figures by the way among the top 10 German hotel companies – is even more remarkable: It is giving a true choice to its customers. New partnerships with Lufthansa’s Miles & More program as well as with Germany’s leading coalition program Payback were started, ahead of launching its own loyalty program HotMiles this summer. By the way, Miles & More members earn 250 miles per night here, what is a rather unusual practice for the program, awarding at most other hotel partners 500 miles per stay as standard practice.