Frequent Flyer/Loyalty Programs

Everybody talks about Frequent Flyer Programs (FFP) – but there are a few things even experienced users hardly know. So let us make you familiar with some highlights of this thrilling business – and perhaps you also find some interesting pieces of information you’ve already looked for elsewhere in vain!

There are more than Frequent Flyer Programs on the globe – a number that keeps on increasing continuously. There are also hundreds of loyalty programs operated by hotel chains, car rental companies, airport authorities or railway companies. That’s why some programs are also called bonus programs, Frequent Traveller or Frequent Lodge Programs. The loyalty programs have become one of the most important marketing tools in the industry.

However, a full public access to information about these programs in one place is not available. That’s why our database is unique and of good use for all the parties engaged, operators and users.

The basic system of the programs is common to all of them: Members must enroll in the scheme, mostly free of charge, and get points (with miles being the standard unit) every time the fly or use services of associated partners. As soon as a specified number of points is achieved, they can be exchanged for a reward. Rewards are available for free air travels, but under some schemes also for free hotel stays or car rentals or even for a range of leisure activities.

Most of the programs include a large number of partners such as associated airlines, hotels, car rental companies, credit cards, phone companies and other companies not anymore directly related to the travel sector (e.g. mortgages, magazines, flower services etc.). Thus, many of your daily activities can be turned into valuable miles!


And that’s where the real difficulty starts: Which programs should you choose???

As a traveller, you can choose to which program you want your points have credited. Currently, the same airlines participate in up to 30 different programs with the corresponding number for hotel chains or car rental companies being far higher.

The differences between the programs are tremendous. They can easily be seen when it comes to comparing award levels: As an example, free roundtrip awards within Europe vary between 5,500 and 111,000 miles for travel in Economy Class. However, many other aspects such as the terms & conditions or the benefits of elite programs need to be considered at the same time.

So it can absolutely make sense to fly on, let’s say Delta Air Lines, and choose to credit your miles not to Delta’s program, but rather to the program operated by another airline, e.g. by AeroMexico. Which choice is the best one depends entirely on your personal travel profile.

For any individual traveller, this task is nearly impossible to fulfill since none of all the programs can be excluded as potentially the best choice from the beginning.

In order to take into consideration this particular situation, we opt for a highly personalised approach with both our individual and corporate service. We assist you to take best use of the amazing opportunities.

And if you wish to learn in which programs the airlines you use participate currently, just have a look at our “Who with whom?” section – the only feature of its kind on the globe.

Please click here for a listing of all Frequent Flyer/Loyalty Programs included in our service, including a link to the corresponding website most programs.