About Us


Our competence and reliability do not come out of the blue, but from strong key persons in our team.


Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director

Born and raised in Switzerland, his passion for civil aviation has always been a well-known part of his person since his early days. It is the thread running through his life. He studied aeronautical engineering at the Berlin University of Technology, completed by a Master course in air transportation at the National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC – Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile) in Toulouse, France.

Afterwards, when others look for the shelter of large corporations, he set up GLOBAL FLIGHT management in the Frankfurt area in 1996 at the age of 26. Offering a range of services related to a topic such as Frequent Flyer Programs nobody talked about in Europe at that time may seem risky to an outsider, but for Ravindra, it was just one more of his typical challenges.

Why Frequent Flyer Programs? “Right from the beginning, I saw an untapped potential in this area. And it is interesting, although times and programs have evolved, the untapped potential is getting bigger every day with new opportunities arising. I continue to be as fascinated and absorbed by the topic as in my first days in summer 1996!” he explains.

It is also the international environment of his activity that suits him well. His personal background and his language skills (English, deutsch, français, español) allow him to get quickly familiar with local markets. But in spite of his global spirits, he kept one sweet habit of his Swiss past. So don’t offer him any kind of chocolates unless you make sure that they’re Swiss made. “Chocolates are like Frequent Flyer Programs: you should not go for anything less than the best choice!”



Margarita Onanova, Head of Customer Success

Born and raised in Russia, she studied aviation management at the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation. She started her professional carrier at Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, which became her alma mater during eight years, during which she was always involved in loyalty issues.

Afterwards, she had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to launch an FFP for a Russian regional airline on the position of the Program Deputy Manager. She also made the experience of working with an IT supplier in the shape of the dynamic Polish company Comarch, what allowed her to add another interesting perspective to her holistic view of the topic.

Heading the customer success at Global Flight since 2012, Margarita uses her experience of two decades in the airline loyalty industry in order to provide added value in all projects she is involved in. “FFPs, Loyalty Programs – this is our reality. I’m standing for making it better!”


Anna Khomukha, Director of Sales

Born and raised in Ukraine, she graduated from Kyiv Slavonic University with a Master’s degree in international relations in 2013. She also became a member of several EU educational and volunteer programs in Poland, what allowed her to become fluent in both English and Polish.

Anna started her career working as business development manager for TELS, an international group of companies in the logistics and transport market. Her experience at international sales and the supervising of business projects for the European Union made her passionate about the logistics and travel market. Later on, she gained leadership skills as head of international department at another Ukrainian company.

She left Ukraine for France in February 2022, not only with the objective to offer a safe future to her family, but also taking into account the importance of the travel industry in her new home country. And given her eagerness to take her own fate into her hands, it took her indeed not long to get fully established at a professional level and start to write a new chapter in her life.

Anna joined Global Flight to pursue her passion for the area of international business development and sales. She travels a lot to different destinations all over the world and possesses a good understanding of general challenges in the airline and travel industry, what plays an important part in her role as Director of Sales to provide added value to customers and contribute to the development of their Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Programs.

“The main goal of my job has always been the success of my client’s business. That is exactly the vision I found at Global Flight, lived by each of its team members. I am working exclusively according to a win-win strategy, because nobody is at risk to lose with Global Flight! It is a great pleasure to be able to offer the best solutions both for our consulting customers and our conference sponsors, while being totally confident in the fruitful result for our customers.”


Justine Massip, Event Manager

Born and raised in the region of Toulouse, Justine went through an education geared towards tourism, incl. an MBA in International Travel Management.

Her experiences include work in travel agencies, at the management of Toulouse Airport and in the sales and marketing service of the Radisson Blu at Toulouse Airport, followed by assuming the role as Director of an intercommunal tourist office in the region of Toulouse for five years. Project management, deployment of marketing and communication strategies and the development of the event offer were, among others, daily tasks of her work.

With her passion for tourism/airline industry, new technologies and MICE, she’s a perfectionist who likes to organise every event down to the last detail.

Logically, she joined the team of Global Flight in April 2018 in order to manage the annual Loyalty & Awards conference – a role allowing her to bring all her experience and passion together in one place. Justine oversees the organisation and the marketing and communication sides of this international conference and helped massively to let it take off under Global Flight’s full own responsibility. “I love this challenge to increase further the quality of this event while rejuvenating it by implementing new ideas. The idea that many travel loyalty experts from all over the world view this event as a major highlight in their annual calendar keeps me motivated and I give my best to see many happy faces on site!”