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Global Flight SARL was set up in the Toulouse area in 2006 after having already been active with its predecessor company for 10 years in the Frankfurt area. Ever since, we’ve been copying exclusively with the complex topic of Frequent Flyer Programs. We are the only independent management company in Europe in this area and invite you to benefit of this unique experience.

Our comprehensive market experience allows us to assist program operators with management relevant tasks in an efficient way. Airlines, hotel chains, airport authorities and other operators all pursue different aims with their programs – our support will make them successful in this highly competitive environment. One click and more information will be on your screen in no time. Targeting program operators and suppliers, we also organise the largest annual dedicated conference in the loyalty space, bringing together decision makers from all over the world year after year.

All relevant program information of all more than 220 programs is gathered in huge databases that are kept up-to-date continuously. This unique experience allows us to respond to all different kinds of needs. If you look for the expiry date of Frequent Flyer points with certain schemes or for the program that requires the fewest points for free simulator training – we’ve got these answers and many, many more.

In one word: We strive to be your true and only partner for Frequent Flyer Programs.

In addition to program operators, our services target:

  • Individual travellers: Here, we’ll show you how to achieve your desired awards and elite status as quickly as possible by selecting your individually best programs. You can expect to reach them at least twice as fast as with your common standard programs through our service. Just click here to get all the information about our Frequent Flyer strategies.
  • Corporations: If it is your corporate philosophy to want to use your employee’s awards resulting from business travels for corporate purposes, we’ll help you to maximise the savings by selecting the right programs for your travellers. You can expect savings of some 10% of your air travel costs for short-haul flights and even between 15 and 35% for long-haul flights. Or leave the awards to your travellers while making sure that the programs don’t spoil your purchasing policy. Click here to learn more about this unique travel management service.


Obviously, we operate on a global scale. What might be even more important to you: We are completely independent of any suppliers in the travel industry and therefore, we are able to act fully in your particular interest.

We’re always proud to serve you and would be happy to let you experience what this means to us.

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