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Comme grand voyageur et observateur du marché de longue date, notre gérant, Ravindra Bhagwanani, a également des opinions personnelles sur le marché des programmes de fidélisation. Lisez ses avis et expériences dans son blog (en anglais)!

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I’ve been passionate about aviation ever since I can remember and about FFPs ever since I started to think – yes, I am not one of these young bloggers, who were even not yet among us on 01 May 1981, when an idea of American Airlines was to change our world forever! So obviously I’ve tried to turn my passion into work.

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03 August 2020

It might be hard to recognise anything good in the current market, but there is at least one positive side effect: The last months have clearly shown that FFP spin-offs are a model of the past and that there are smarter alternatives for airlines to raise cash.