Loyalty 2017

Day 1 - Monday 20th February 2017

12:00 Registration and refreshments

13:00 Welcome address from the Chair

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

13:10 Innovation Day

A personal interaction to discuss hot topics in the travel loyalty market. Previous participants have said that this is a great way to share ideas and discuss the core issues impacting the industry in an informal setting.

17:00 One-to-one meetings

18:30 Networking Drinks Reception


Day 2 - Tuesday 21st February 2017

08:00 Registration and refreshments

09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair

       Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

09:10 Opening keynote: Is this a good or bad time for loyalty programmes?

  • Where do we stand in the airline cycle?
  • How strongly linked are loyalty programmes to the industry cycle?
  • Near-term opportunities for loyalty programmes

Chris Tarry, Principal, CTAIRA

09:30 The hotel industry leading the consolidation game

  • Overview about the consolidation dynamic in the global hotel market
  • Impact on loyalty industry and partnerships
  • Insights into the Marriott-Starwood merger

Thom Kozik, VP Global Loyalty, Marriott International

10:00 Silently leading the transformation into a coalition programme

  • Strategic opportunity to evolve the FFP concept
  • Factors to succeed with the transformation into a coalition programme
  • Taking into account regional specifics
  • Management challenges to match the needs of a coalition programme while maintaining the value for the parent company

Jason Adessky, Head of Strategy and Coalition Loyalty, Asia Miles/Cathay Pacific

10:30 Morning refreshments 

11:00 Panel discussion: Is there still a business case for travel loyalty programme spin-offs?

  • For whom spin-offs can be appropriate
  • Assessing the risks and opportunities
  • Will spin-offs ever gain speed?
  • Balancing the investors' and customers' needs
       Harald Deprosse, Managing Director, Miles & More/Lufthansa Group
       Francisco Schnaas, CEO,Club Premier/Aeromexico
       Nathaniel Felsher, Director, Deutsche Bank
       Moderator: Kevin O'Toole, Head of Strategy, FlightGlobal

11:45 Online travel trends that will impact the way you think about loyalty

  • Online travel trends: Just the beginning of the journey?
  • Do new online players decrease the target groups of loyalty programmes?
  • How to incorporate online trends to your loyalty strategy

Vicki Nakata, Head Chief Business Development Officer,

12:10 Supplier of the year award presentations

A session dedicated to the shortlisted finalists for the Supplier of the Year Award. Each supplier sponsor will have a maximum of 90 seconds to explain their successful project from 2016 and show the audience why they should win. Afterwards, the audience will then get the chance to vote onsite for their chosen winner!

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Workshops

This is your opportunity to meet all of the key vendors who are influencing the industry and will help you to make the best solution choices and investment decisions for your organisation.

15:00 Introducing tangible loyalty benefits for infrequent hotel guests

  • The shortcomings in traditional hotel loyalty programmes: the forgotten infrequent guest
  • Is the creation of loyalty for small and medium-sized hotels out of reach?
  • Delivering value to participating hoteliers
  • Identifying and leveraging synergies with the airline loyalty industry

Carlo Alvarez Spagnolo, Global Partnerships Director, Wanup

15:30 Afternoon refreshments

16:00 Focus on low cost loyalty: Best practice developments - Case study by Norwegian Airlines

  • Meeting both low- and high frequent members’ needs
  • Keeping the schema easy to understand
  • Long-haul loyalty
  • Engaging members by letting them tailor their benefits themselves

Kristin Møllerplass, Loyalty Manager, Norwegian Airlines

16:20 Adapting to the next generation of frequent travellers - Case study by Pegasus Airlines

  • Adapting the loyalty concept to a real time world
  • Are low cost carriers better positioned to attract young travellers?
  • Changing consumer and communication behaviour
  • Can young travellers be turned into profitable travellers?

Ugur Alyakut, Head of Pegasus Plus Loyalty Program Management, CRM & Partnerships, Pegasus Airlines

16:40 The role of a loyalty programme in a business transformation process - Case study by HK Express

  • Defining the role and scope of newly created low cost loyalty programme
  • Embedding the loyalty programme into a wider marketing and branding strategy
  • What do low cost customers really expect from a loyalty programme?
  • Satisfying a full-service shareholder

Charles Johnson, General Manager – Loyalty & Holidays, reward-U/HK Express

17:00 Closing Remarks from the Chairman

17:15 One-to-one meetings

19:00 Gala Dinner & Loyalty Awards 2017

       Moderator of Awards ceremony: Kevin O'Toole, Head of Strategy, FlightGlobal

       Loyalty Awards judges:

       Elias Mandroukas, E-Commerce & Loyalty Manager, Aegean Airlines
       Scott Resnick, Director Loyalty, Jetblue
Margarita Onanova, Head of Project Management, Global Flight
       Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Day 3 -Wednesday 22nd February 2017

08:30 Registration and refreshments

09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair

       Graham Dunn, Editor, FlightGlobal Pro

09:15 Disturbing the distribution landscape: The increasing power of OTAs

  • Why the market needs OTAs
  • Market segmentation at the basis of success for OTAs
  • OTAs and loyalty programmes: the case study of Kaligo
       Kyle Armstrong, CEO, Kaligo

09:45 Panel discussion: Winning the distribution channel with the help of loyalty programmes

  • Can loyalty programmes help to steer customer behaviour?
  • Is the hotel or airline industry approach right?
  • OTAs, meta search engines, Google: Who is an enemy, who is a friend?
  • Outlook: How power balances will shift
       Anton Lill, Managing Director, topbonus/Air Berlin
       Carsten Anhalt, Senior Vice President & Director Relationship Marketing, SIXT rent a car
       Jay Hoffmann, Co-founder & CEO, Rocketmiles
      Alex Jawad, Co-founder,
      Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

10:30 Morning refreshments

11:00 Delivering the airline loyalty proposition for infrequent travels

  • Is there a loyalty case for infrequent travellers?
  • Limitations of traditional FFPs for the segment of infrequent travellers
  • Coexistence of LOOP and Miles & More
  • Differentiating the programme proposition, also behind the scene
       Gemma Muñoz Sanz, Loyalty Manager | FFP, Brussels Airlines

11:30 Workshops

This is your opportunity to meet all of the key vendors who are influencing the industry and will help you to make the best solution choices and investment decisions for your organisation.

12:30 Lunch

14:00 The value of Frequent Flyer Programmes: Gap between wishful thinking and reality

  • Key findings of research study about the perceived value of FFPs by travellers
  • Identifying evolutions in customer expectations
  • Conclusions and recommendations for programme managers
       Robert Lewinski, Swinburne University of Technology
       Yi Gao, Aviation Course Director, Department of Aviation, Swinburne University of Technology

14:30 The role of bloggers in your communication strategy

  • Bloggers might be lunatics - but they are here for good
  • Love and hate relationship with bloggers
  • Opportunities of getting bloggers on your side
  • A simple guide how to make best use of bloggers as part of your communication strategy
       Rob Burgess, Editor, Head for Points

15:00 Afternoon refreshments

15:30 Loyalty programs – an outdated business model in a world of real-time choices?

  • Next generation revenue management and distribution systems are seen as the next big thing in the airline business
  • Airline focus is on continued cost management and ancillary revenue generation
  • Will personalised real-time interaction with customers make traditional loyalty programs obsolete?
  • What value do programs such as Miles & More still have to offer in such a challenging environment?
       Jens Ritterhoff, Manager Strategy & Business Development, Miles & More/Lufthansa Group

16:00 A CRM vision for the travel industry

  • Understanding the value of data
  • A vision for the travel industry
  • Small steps are better than endless debates
  • Getting inspired from other industries
       Ali Rebaie, President, Rebaie Analytics Group

16:30 Closing remarks and preview of Loyalty@Freddie Awards 2017

16:40 Close of Conference