Loyalty@Freddie Awards 2016

Day One: Wednesday 27th April 2016

08:00 Registration and refreshments

09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

09:10 Opening panel discussion: the key to long-term success

  • What comes next after having reached the top?
  • Maintaining a high level of staff motivation
  • Change management issues and maintaining customer satisfaction during program changes
       Frédéric Kahane, VP Customer Loyalty, Air France KLM
       Thom Kozik, VP, Loyalty, Marriott International
       Isabelle Birem, SVP Loyalty, AccorHotels
       Mustafa Ozalcin, Director Loyalty Sales, Amadeus

       Moderator: Ben Mutzabaugh, "Today in the Sky" Editor, USA Today

09:55 Opening keynote: Revenue-based programs - a first review

  • Implementing a revenue-based program – what has changed for Delta?
  • Ensuring customer reactions are managed effectively through program changes
  • Reviewing internal change management issues
  • Lessons learned
       Karen Zachary, Managing Director, SkyMiles Global Program Management, Delta Air Lines

10:20 What makes people loyal?

  • Understanding the key drivers of loyalty in a loyalty program
  • Keeping customer expectations low and overdeliver
  • Building a partner network of relevance
  • Do credit cards create any loyalty?
       Karl Schuster, CEO Velocity Frequent Flyer, Virgin Australia

10:45 Morning refreshments 

11:15 Presentations Loyalty Awards winners 2016:

11:15 Best marketing campaign

Renata Rached, Head of Loyalty Iberia, Iberia

11:35 Best use of technology: The power of coffee

       Mark Street, GM Customer Engagement and Value, Air New Zealand

11:55 Excellence in management: Making promises and following through

       Mark Street, GM Customer Engagement and Value, Air New Zealand

12:15 Best loyalty partnership

Johanna Jakala, VP Brand, Marketing & Loyalty, Finnair

12:35 Lunch

14:00 Panel discussion: Generating value from Credit Cards

  • Are the best times for co-branded cards behind us?
  • Defining added value for co-branded credit cards
  • Dealing with competition from travel-related cards
       Alex Malfitani, Head of Loyalty, Azul Airlines
       Jonathan Clarkson, Senior Director, Loyalty, Partnerships & Products, Southwest Airlines
       Matt Vincett, CEO, LifeMiles/Avianca
       Laurie Roth, Sr. Business Leader / Vice President, Co-Brand Business Development, MasterCard
       Moderator: Darren Delaney, CEO, Loyalty & Rewards Global

14:45 Real-time playouts - driven by relevance

The winner of the Supplier of the Year Award will be presenting their story and showing why the audience of Loyalty 2016 voted them as their favourite supplier.

  • Enhancing the classic campaign push approach with real-time push & pull communication
  • The right offer at the right time through the right channel – based on all past and present data
Dennis Kasten, Head of Pre-Sales & Marketing, Loyalty Partner Solutions

15:05 Partnering for growth

  • Maintaining the value proposition in a changing landscape
  • Redefining the role of the issuing bank
  • Miles. And More.
  • Best practice examples
Matthew J. Massaua, Managing Director, Airline Partnerships, Barclaycard US

15:35 Afternoon refreshments

16:05 Creating loyalty through driving innovation at Jetblue

  • Summary of recent innovation at JetBlue
  • Introducing a new co-brand credit card
  • Power of marketing for loyalty programs and how to tap into this
       Scott Resnick, Director, Loyalty Marketing, Jetblue

16:30 The role of qualitative customer service in creating loyalty

  • Applying the right channel strategy to different customer segments
  • Looking at soft factors as product differentiator
  • Do we need a one-stop-shop service for all company-related matters?
  • Making cost savings without compromising on service quality

Martin Streinz, Director Operations, Lufthansa/Miles & More

17:00 Close of day

18:30 Drink reception

Day Two: Thursday 28th April 2016

08:30 Registration and refreshments

08:50 Opening remarks from the Chair

       Seth Miller, Journalist, Wandering Aramean

09:00 Leading the global e-volution of loyalty programs: Net Promoter Score (NPS) as guiding principle to create great CX for Program Partners (B2B) and Members of the Program (B2C)

  • Monitoring NPS across touchpoints
  • Extending NPS to the B2B side as mean to increase partner satisfaction
  • Implications on building a customer-centric organization

       Gabi Kool, CEO, PINS

09:30 TBA

       Stéphanie Dartevelle, Director of Product & Customer Experience, AccorHotels
Guy Deslandes, eCommerce Sales Director, Collinson Latitude

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 Customer Summit – customer ambassadors and industry experts will join forces and debate key issues and tackle the key issues of the day in this exciting discussion

Understanding the customer view on programs

  • Do customers understand and care about the business view?
  • How to create a lasting relationship with customers
  • Is there a one-size-fits-all recipe?
  • The role of program ambassadors and how to create them
  • Compatibility between business needs and customer wishes
  • How to listen to customers and keep them happy
Gary Leff, Author,
       Ben Schlappig, Founder, One Mile at a Time
       David Feldman, Loyalty & Reward Programs, The Flight Doc
       Ian di Tullio, Vice President CRM & Loyalty, Qatar Airways
       Jeff Low, CEO, Stash Hotel Rewards
       Rene Mizwicki, Director of Loyalty Marketing, Hyatt

Moderator: Robert Mann, President, R.W. Mann

12:15 Lunch

14:00 Panel discussion: Learning from the new kids on the block

  • Achieving differentiation through innovation
  • Managing the perception of generosity
  • Raising awareness through a second level brand
  • Looking at the importance of adjusting strategy to a niche customer group
Kristin Møllerplass, Loyalty Manager, Norwegian Rewards
       Julia Russell, Senior Director, Loyalty Marketing, Wyndham Rewards
       Jordan Salmon, Vice President Loyalty Marketing Strategy, MGM Resorts
Sanjai Velayudhan, Associate Vice President - Loyalty Programs, Wipro
       Moderator: Marcus Puffer, Vice President Global Loyalty Strategy, IBS

14:45 Stop flying blind – a new approach to understanding traveller behaviour

  • Explore the limits of traveller loyalty by geography, demographic and brand by leveraging actual online purchase data
  • Understand why your customers remain loyal – or don’t
  • Discuss potential strategies to address behaviours not visible from CRM or traditional survey behaviour
       Bob Fawson, Chief Products Officer, SSI

15:15 Attractive promotions: How to make them relevant and compelling

  • What elements are involved in creating successful promotions?
  • Reviewing the ROI and performance of promotions – is it worth it?
  • Understanding the importance of social media in communicating promotions
       Jamie Russo, VP, Loyalty Programs, Choice Hotels

15:45 Close of conference part

17:00 Departure for Freddie Awards venue

17:30 Freddie Awards: Announcement of winners and gala dinner