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Als Vielreisender und langjähriger Marktbeobachter hat unser Geschäftsführer, Ravindra Bhagwanani, auch persönliche Meinungen über den Markt der Kundenbindungsprogramme. Lesen Sie in seinem Blog (auf Englisch) seine Ansichten und Erfahrungen!

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I’ve been passionate about aviation ever since I can remember and about FFPs ever since I started to think – yes, I am not one of these young bloggers, who were even not yet among us on 01 May 1981, when an idea of American Airlines was

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19 March 2020

While the hit might be stronger than ever this time, it is certainly not the first shock the travel industry has to endure. But a shockingly repeating pattern can be observed with each such crisis: the dive into invisibility of most loyalty programs.

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73725 March 2019

With all the necessary safety-related discussions, the current Max 8 discussion demonstrates that airlines and customers don’t speak the same language. This is also true when it comes to the loyalty question – and prevents actually many airlines to leverage the loyalty potential better.