Airlines/Program Operators


Each of our project is of immediate strategic value to our clients, reflecting our philosophy to work only on projects, where we are sure to add such value. On the other side, this means that our clients appreciate that value, but don’t necessarily want to be identifiable on a reference list since working with Global Flight translates automatically in a competitive edge. So, the fact that we don’t publish names of clients is a rather good sign – and a deliberate differentiator from other companies!

But we are happy to provide you with some high-level information about concrete projects completed recently:

  • Program set-up for a leisure carrier
  • Program redesign for an independent regional airline
  • Strategy workshop for an airline in North America
  • Program strategy in a foreign market for a low cost carrier
  • Program health check for an airline in Asia
  • Feasibility study of a program launch for a business carrier
  • Benchmark study for a oneworld airline
  • Continued market observation for a SkyTeam member
  • Performance measurement for an airline in Africa
  • Program financial set-up for an airline in Africa
  • Validation of a revenue-based model for an airline in Asia
  • Fraud prevention project for a global hotel chain
  • IT selection for a Star Alliance member

As you can see, our client base embraces companies from all over the world, of different sectors, airlines from all alliances, of different sizes and applying different strategic approaches. This underlines our flexibility to adjust to different environments and needs of companies.

Oh yes, and since Global Flight’s set-up in 1996, only two of our clients have gone out of business – what is not such a bad record: Spanair shortly after they reverted from what we had set up for them when they joined Star Alliance and Danish airline Sterling before they had time to proceed with the full implementation of an FFP as they’ve intended to do. We hence don’t feel responsible for their respective fates in any manner…

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and to discuss how easy it is to let you benefit of our experience as well!