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Coaching Courses

Enhance your management skills through personalised coaching courses

We are pleased to offer you a range of different FFP coaching formulas in response to an increased demand in the market for such an offering. Since different airlines and management levels tend to have different needs, we offer two basic coaching elements:

Individualized in-house coaching covering all relevant management aspects

This version is ideal for all management functions, from FFP executives to corporate officers, involved in the FFP and wishing to deepen their knowledge in specific areas. These courses are strictly adapted to your airline and your FFP. You can choose the menu that suits best your needs from a total of 16 different modules. Each module consists of a half-day coaching (4 hours); the first three modules are full-day courses. You may select as many or as few modules per coaching session as you wish. The cost per module is 500 EUR (1,000 EUR for the full-day courses), plus applicable travel expenses (travel time will not be charged). Up to six persons from your organisation may participate in each session at no extra cost.

The coaching modules available include the following:

  1. Managing your FFP – handling the tasks and meeting the challenges
  2. Taking your FFP partners to mutual profitability and growth
  3. Customer communication: online and offline
  4. FFPs – an overview for Senior Executives
  5. FFP, customer segmentation and revenue increase strategy
  6. FFP program structure: how to exceed your competitors
  7. Financial set-up and current FFP accounting practice
  8. FFPs as a profit centre: a possibility not a dream
  9. At your service: using your FFP to deliver satisfaction to your best customers
  10. How to find out and meet your FFP customers’ needs
  11. Selecting suppliers and outsource partners
  12. Measuring and improving FFP performance
  13. Brand loyalty in the airline business
  14. FFP fraud: how to identify it and prevent it
  15. FFPs and CRM: Close friends or distant relatives?
  16. Corporate Loyalty Programs

Please click here for details about the content and target group of each course.


Individualised in-house coaching for new FFP staff members

This service is specifically designed for large airlines with new staff members joining regularly the FFP department. Our coaching ensures that they will be made quickly and efficiently familiar with the basics they need to know for their future work. Again, we adapt the content of these courses strictly to your specific requirements and preferences. You can choose whether coaching should be limited to certain areas (such as partnerships) or consist of a general introduction to the FFP management. As a result, duration of this kind of coaching can be set up flexibly. Typically, it would last two to five days. Groups may consist of one to eight staff members.

Another nice side benefit of coaching new staff members by external experts is that you will also automatically get a different view from outside. Because our coaching basis is not what you have been doing for several years, but best international practices. Coaching is available in English, Spanish, French and German (all documents provided will be in English). In summary, your advantages of the two in-house coaching offerings are the following ones:

  • Compact and efficient in-house coaching without loss of time due to travel
  • Possibility to select the individual menu that suits best your needs
  • Content is adapted to reflect your particular situation
  • Several persons may participate in the coaching at no extra charge

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and objectives with us!