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The present questionnaire is our sole basis to develop your personal, optimized strategy in respect to the different Frequent Traveller Programs. That’s why we might ask you to take some time (it’ll take you some 10 minutes) in order to answer the questions thoroughly and exactly – in your own interest. Please prepare your latest account balances.

As far as possible, the questions should be answered for the period of the coming 12 months. They concern your business and private travels. We’ll take into account your individual preferences in regard to your travel activities as long as they comply with your corporation’s travel policy. Nevertheless, we’d like to remind you that the more flexible you are, the faster you’ll reach the desired awards.

Of course, we will treat all your information confidentially and use for internal purposes only.

Thanks a lot!

    Private Address

    In which other countries would you have the possibility to indicate an additional mailing address (e.g. at other sites of your company or with friends)?


    1. Which of the following languages is your preferred language for correspondence?


    2. Would you like to receive automatically our monthly Frequent Flyer news by e-mail notification free of charge?


    Please start by completing the following flight table with your expected scheduled flights for the period covering the next 12 months - our most important input. Obviously, you haven't yet planned all your travels. That's why you should answer the questions in such a way that seems to be the most likely to yourself. If you don't expect any major changes to the previous 12 months, you may refer to that period.

    Fill in each route only once by indicating the number of roundtrip flights for each class of service. Use one line per route.

    For a flight that requires a transfer, but for which you do not wish a stop-over at the transfer airport, please fill in only the origin and the final destination of your trip. If you wish a stop-over, please indicate them as two separate flights.

      Number of roundtrip flights per class
    Premium Economy


    3. When travelling in Economy Class, do you usually use

    Flexible ticketsRestricted tickets (conditions of change etc.)?

    4. In which Frequent Traveller Programs do you already participate? In case you currently hold elite status in the listed programs, please indicate the elite level (e.g. Silver, Gold etc.).

    Program Account at ca. Elite level


    5. Which are your preferred airlines (please indicate only airlines that you're allowed to take under your employer's travel policy. Check with your travel management/travel agent if you're not sure)?







    6. Would you fly on other airlines upon our recommendation?

    Yes (except for)No  


    7.What is generally speaking more important to you with Frequent Flyer Programs, to reach as many awards as possible or the elite membership with its benefits?

    AwardsElite membership

    8. Indicate the degree of importance the following criteria to select an airline have for you:

    Long-haul flights
    Short-haul flights
    Frequent Traveller Program
    highmediumlow highmediumlow
    In-flight service
    highmediumlow highmediumlow
    highmediumlow highmediumlow
    Safety feeling
    highmediumlow highmediumlow
    Schedules (frequencies/times)
    highmediumlow highmediumlow
    Service on ground (Lounges/Check-in)
    highmediumlow highmediumlow


    9. Often, awards can be reached faster on connecting flights than on non-stop flights.

    Are you willing to take a connecting flight on a route where there is a non-stop flight if it results in considerable advantages in regard to the Frequent Traveller Programs?

    on short-haul flights:

    Yes, max. longer journey time ofNo
    hours/route [at least 2 hours]

    on long-haul flights:

    Yes, max. longer journey time ofNo
    hours/route [at least 3 hours]


    10. What kind of awards do you like to use (select a maximum of two)?

    Short-haul flights in Economy ClassShort-haul flights in Business/First ClassLong-haul flights in Economy ClassLong-haul flights in Premium EconomyLong-haul flights in Business ClassLong-haul flights in First ClassUpgrades to Business ClassUpgrades to First ClassHotel awardsCar rental awardsLeisure awards

    11. Who is to use the awards?

    YourselfClose relativesFriends travelling as your companionFriends travelling on their own

    12. Concerning your award flights and up-grades: To which destinations or regions and in which period (approximate month) do you like to use the awards preferably (classified by priority)?



    13. How flexible are you in general with your travel planning?

    ...and what else gives you miles

    14. How often will you stay in a ****- or *****-hotel next year? For how many nights?

    times (number of stays)

    nights spent

    15. Tick your preferred hotel chains:

    Accor (Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Mercure, Novotel)Best WesternChoice HotelsHiltonHoliday InnHyattIntercontinental/Crowne PlazaMarriott/Renaissance/SheratonRadisson/Park PlazaShangri-La/TradersWorldhotels


    16. Would you stay in other hotels - of the same standard - even if one of your above indicated hotels exists in the city you stay?


    17. How often will you rent a car next year?

    In conjunction with a flight:
    times (number of rentals, not of days)

    Without a flight:
    times (number of rentals, not of days)


    18. Which credit cards do you use for business and private purposes

    American ExpressDiners ClubMasterCardVisa


    19. How much do you spend approximately with your credit cards a year? [facultative answer]


    20. Do you use credit cards that give you credits in a Frequent Traveller Program?

    Credit card:
    Frequent Traveller Program
    Credit card:
    Frequent Traveller Program


    21. Any other comments concerning your travel profile? Let us know them!

    General terms :
    Yes, I read the general terms and do accept them.
    No, I don't accept the general terms.



    By subscribing to our Frequent Flyer service, you'll receive an individual analysis about the optimized use of all travel-related loyalty programs. In particular, the scope of services consists of:
    · Individual Frequent Flyer strategy valid for 12 months with a detailed presentation about which programs to use in which manner
    · Short description of each program recommended to you incl. local contact details of the program operators
    · General hints regarding the use of the programs
    · Information regarding the enrollment in the programs
    · Monthly Frequent Flyer news by e-mail during the validity of the Frequent Flyer strategy
    The documentation will be sent to you by mail to the indicated private address.
    A complete free revision of your strategy during the 12-month validity period is not possible, even not if your travel patterns or the loyalty programs you use change fundamentally. However, an adjustment of the recommendations in the framework of your original strategy is possible upon your request.
    The service is available in either English, German or French.

    The service package has a validity of 12 months after which it needs to be renewed. However, there WON'T be an automatic renewal so that you don't commit now to anything beyond the 12 months.

    We guarantee that our strategies represent the best options for you provided the timely provision of their documentation by the program operators and provided the exactitude of your indications in the questionnaire. We guarantee that every strategy is developed individually and enables you to an additional annual financial value compared to your status quo, e.g. through additional awards, equaling at least our processing fee, according to the information available upon the moment of the development. If we estimate that this will not be the case, we inform you about it after the reception of your order and offer you a free cancellation of your order. There is no correspondence regarding the quality of our strategies or the decision criteria and development methodology they're based on respectively.

    The regular price for the Frequent Flyer strategy and all associated services as described above is 129,00 EUR (incl. VAT). There are no additional costs for you.

    Unless a different written agreement has been fixed, the payment of the Frequent Flyer strategy is due immediately after the reception of the documentation. The payment can take place by bank transfer or checque. All related banking fees shall be to our charge. A late payment is subject to reminder fees.
    A reimbursement is not possible for whatever reason.

    We guarantee that all of your indications and information we hold about you are used SOLELY in the framework of our Frequent Flyer service and are not forwarded to other companies or persons, including our partners, at any time without your explicit written consent. Just by ordering your Frequent Flyer strategy, such a consent does NOT yet take place.

    WE DON'T ACCEPT ANY KIND OF LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF RECOMMENDED SUPPLIERS NOR FOR FAULTS OF THEIR SERVICES. This concerns in particular any kind of physical and financial damage as a result of including, but not limited to, the following events:
    · Accidents and incidents of all kinds resulting in death or physical damage
    · Loss or damage of baggage
    · Fare and price conditions
    · Additional financial load by non-usage of alternative suppliers
    · Bankruptcies of suppliers or operators of loyalty programs respectively
    · Individual interpretation of program conditions by program operators
    · Modifications of loyalty programs
    · Termination of loyalty programs
    · Incomplete availability of program information due to omission by program operators
    · Delays or flight cancellations
    All kind of liability claims needs to be clarified directly with the suppliers or program operators in question respectively.

    Ownership rights as well as intellectual property rights remain in our possession at all times. The purchase of your Frequent Flyer strategy does not include the right of further use of the content. All further distribution except as required for the direct realization of your strategy requires our written consent. The receiver is responsible for ensuring the protection of these ownership rights by third parties in his environment as well.

    These terms are governed by the laws of the French Republic. Legal domicile is Toulouse.

    These general terms are valid independently of whether Global Flight SARL or a different legal entity appointed by us carries out the processing of your Frequent Flyer strategy.

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