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Take off with more Frequent Flyer awards than ever before!

Our personalised service addresses at all frequent travellers wishing to exploit the considerable differences between all loyalty programs to their own advantage. You are sure that you already use the most advantageous programs for you? There is a fair chance that you are not fully right…

Based on the analysis of all some 220 Frequent Flyer Programs on the globe, we‘ll help you to reach your desired awards and/or the elite status the quickest way possible.

As you may be aware, the selection of the right programs is an extremely difficult task: The same airlines participate in up to 30 different programs while the differences between them are generally tremendous. Which program will be the best for you depends strongly on your specific travel profile and varies as a function of many criteria.

But honestly: Do you carry out such a complete market analysis for yourself, involving all 220 programs?

If yes, please contact us to join our team.

If no, our service will offer you some exciting unknown benefits.

Our differentiated approach consists of analysing exactly your travel profile, including air travels, hotel stays, car rentals, use of credit cards etc. On the other side, we look at which awards you wish to use – and/or at the importance of achieving elite status – in order to recommend to you the best programs for your purposes. Thereby, we make sure that our recommendations always comply with your employer’s travel policy.

A standard result of our analysis is often the recommendation to use a program operated not by the airline they actually fly. So it can absolutely make sense to fly with, let’s say American Airlines, and choose to credit your miles not to American’s program, but rather to the program operated by another airline, e.g. by Qantas.

It seems incomprehensible to many at first sight: But exactly by splitting up his miles to a couple of programs, one can maximise considerably his personal benefits!

As a basic rule, you can expect one free return short-haul flight (e.g. within Europe) after one single paid return long-haul flight in Business Class through our service!

As a result, you’ll reach your desired awards in average at least twice as quickly as with your common standard programs.

In order to ensure this individual approach, our analysis is based on a personal questionnaire to be filled in by you.

In order to make your decision, use our savings calculation in order to determine quickly, easily and free of charge your approximate potential savings through the use of Frequent Flyer Programs.

Furthermore, we’ll also calculate from our side whether our work will really result in an added value through additional awards for you once your questionnaire received. Should this value, compared to your status quo, not exceed our fee, we’ll offer you to cancel your order without any costs.


As a result, you’ll reach your desired awards in average at least twice as quickly as with your common standard programs.

Our Frequent Flyer strategies are always valid for a period of 12 months after which they need to be renewed due to the changing market conditions.*

We guarantee that each of our strategies is absolutely personal.** Click here to view a sample strategy.

We charge for our leading service a price of EUR 129,00 per year only. And thanks to our referral program, you can lower the costs for the annual renewal of your strategy yourself – even down to 0 EUR! You’ll receive more information about it after ordering your strategy or upon request.

In order to take quickly advantage of the opportunities, order your strategy now by filling in your questionnaire or contact us if you require any more information.

Wherever you’re based, a lot of additional perks are waiting for you!

We look forward to welcoming you soon to the ever increasing circle of our satisfied customers!

* You do not commit to anything beyond the initial 12-month period by ordering now.
** You’ll get no standard recommendations that make no sense since they can’t take into account all individual parameters.